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Micro tablet dosing unit

for counting and dosing homogeneous tablets


Application Area:


Range of products:

for pharmaceutical and chemical applications
Amount per dosing is freely adjustable
– up to 7000 tablets per minute
-depending on the product and amount per dosing!

Description of operation:

The tablets are supplied to the dosing unit by a hopper via a vibration channel.
The dosing unit consists of 2x2 dosing disks which simultaneously dose into the filling tube of the packaging machine.
While the tablets are falling down, they are counted by 2x2 counters which are independent from each other.
The second counter verifies the results of the first one.
Just before the selected number of tablets is reached, both disks are slowed down and dose directly, with reduced speed until the exact
number of tablets is reached.The counted tablets are dosed onto a closed slider and, after the selected number of tablets has been reached,
the tablets are dropped into the stick by opening of the slider.
Now the packaging machine can carry out the next cycle independently of the dosing unit.
The cycle starts again after closing of the slider.

Technical data:

1 lane
up to 7000 tablets/min
Colour standard
Stainless steel- aluminium


  • assembly directly onto SB51-1, SB51-2, SBL50 and MFS800
  • compact, robust, durable design
  • all product touching parts are out of stainless steel or
    another approved material.
  • little maintenance
  • fast and simple cleaning of the counting disks, since these
    can be disassembled without any tools.
  • the dosing unit corresponds to the current CE guidelines


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