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Stickpack forming, filling and sealing machine

A fully automatic stickpack machine
for the production of all stickpack sizes and designs,
including longitudinal seal set to side
-2 independent stations-


Application area:

Pharmaceutical industry
Cosmetics industry
Food industry
Chemicals industry

Range of products:

LIQUIDS (0,5 - 100 ml)
e.g. shampoo, cosmetic samples, bath extract, oil, coffee-cream, sugarmilk, coffee-syrup, chocolate drink, dressings, alcohol, vaccines,...

CREAMS (0,5 - 100 ml)
e.g. skin cream samples, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, yoghurt, grease, soft cheese, butter, gel,....

POWDER (0,2 - 100 ml)
e.g.medical powders, pudding, milk powder, baby food, coffee creamer, tea, cappuccino, ...

GRANULES (0,2 - 100 ml)
e.g. pharmaceutical products, salt, sugar, spices, soups, instant coffee, baker’s yeast, tobacco, tea, detergents, spot removal salt, silicagel, seed, ...

e.g. sweets, nuts, saccharine tablets, small sausages, test stripes, ear stoppers,...

Description of operation:

The packaging machine SBL50-2 is a vertically operating, fully automatic forming-, filling- and sealing machine for the production of very small tubular bags, the so called “Stickpacks“. The machine processes flexible, composite films (foils) from the flat foil reel. In a sequence of single operations, the film is drawn off from the reel, formed to a tube during transportation and sealed lengthwise, filled then, sealed transversally and cut off. At the same time, a photocell control assures the exact positioning of the print. The packaging machine SBL50-2 is conceived as a 1-lane basic machine for the production of bags, constructed as a double machine. This means that there are two machines in the housing which are operating independently from each other. In combination with different product supply systems and dosing units, a wide range of products can be packed.

Technical Data:

Bag width standard
12-50 mm
Bag length
20-200 mm
Filling volume per bag
0,1-100 ml
Capacity cycles/min* (2x)
Output bags/min
up to 160
Number of lanes
2 separates lanes
Diameter of film reel
max. 400 mm
Width of film reel
max. 111
Diameter of film reel core
70/76 mm
Sealing pressure
up to 1000 N
Air connection
6 bar
approx. 4 KW
Voltage supply standard
Protection class
IP 54
approx. 900 kg
Colour standard
Stainless steel - alu
Packaging material
all current, heat-sealable composite films

*Depending on product, filling quantity and packaging material


  • Machine made entirely of stainless steel and aluminium, suitable for pharma and food products
  • Continuous electromechanical main drive + pneumatic parallel sealing drive
  • Suitable for mechanical and photocell controlled bag draw-off by means of an up down movement of transverse sealing station
  • Pneumatic cutting station for straight or perforated cut-off
  • Sealing temperature left/right plus longitudinal separately adjustable
  • Electrical bag counter, reset to zero possible
  • Siemens PLC


  • Hot foil stamping or thermotransfer printing unit, alternatively inkjet
  • Foil monitoring (end of reel or torn)
  • Sealing pressure monitoring with or without documentation
  • Bag counter and changeover flap
  • Discharge conveyor belt
  • Gas flushing
  • Dust collection
  • Continuous run / operation
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Transformer for special voltage


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